The Scion Surface Experience

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December 2011
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The Scion Surface Experience is a unique interactive installation for the 2011/2012 Auto Show season that enables exploration of the brand’s product, racing and cultural affiliations in an unexpected way.

JUXT created a deck of eight unique cards that interact with a touch-based Surface table, and teamed up with fine artists from around the world and musicians from Scion’s A/V label to make the cards as collectible as they are functional.

When a card is placed on the surface, the table reveals photos, video content, regional sales info, and localized events. When the card is flipped over, it triggers a piece of a song (e.g. beats, bass or vocals). Placing all eight cards on the Surface at the same time plays the full song and gives guests a chance to remix the song in their own way, reinforcing the self-expression that is core to the Scion brand. Guests can also take their cards home and use them to download digital content related to the Auto Show experience.

The Scion Surface Experience is offered in four distinct installations, presenting collaborative play that also allows guests to explore each vehicle and the Scion brand as a whole.