Massey Lectures iPad App

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March 2014
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Massey Lectures explores how publishers and cultural institutions can use mobile to reach and engage fans old and new.

For over 50 years, the Massey Lectures Series has been an annual feast of big ideas from some of the most renowned thinkers of our times, including Lawrence Hill, Neil Turok, Margaret Atwood, and Margaret Somerville. The Massey Lectures iPad app lets people experience the depth and breadth of the preeminent public lecture series in a totally new way, immersing themselves within nearly 200 hours of content.

Each selected Massey Lectures e-book, coupled with the corresponding five-hour audio lecture series, is illuminated with vibrant, contextual content, author interviews, and much more. Readers can become contributors to the conversation by posing a question, sharing an idea, or responding to another reader’s in-line comments.