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August 2012
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The project takes into account the design of not only a physical space, but a digital one, both interconnected and working as one, where users can participate, manipulate, and transform it physically and virtually. The implementation of a “site specific” sonic and visual installation, located in the Northern part of the SCIARC building results in the creation of a ‘real- virtual’ environment. It is an immersive Architectural space that is transformed by the users and also interacts with them. The aim is to encourage human gathering and playfulness within the space: A space with a certain “intelligence”.

The history of the space is made transparent by the use of 3D Projection Mappings, and agents that follow the users, and leave traces. Sound recordings of human conversations, or foot steps directly change the appearance of the space and multiple sound channels allow 3D sound spatialization. The Sum of all the interactions will also create an evolution of the behavior of the installation and of its appearance.

3D Sound traveling
3D Projection Mapping


  • Max/Msp/Jitter
  • Cosm
  • Maxuino
  • Arduino


  • Kinect camera: User Motion Tracking
  • 2 Proximity Sensors :User counter
  • Motu Sound Card : 6 Sound Channels
  • 4 Sound Monitors
  • 2 Microphones: Voice and Sound sensors